Solitude, Selfless.

by Sivie Sue Mori

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Solitude, Selfless. Independent product - São Paulo, Brazil - 2014.


released February 13, 2014

Produção/Production: Jimi ärrj, Mario Camino, Agnaldo.
Composição/Composition: Jimi ärrj, Mario Camino, Agnaldo.
Gravação/Studio Recording: Norton Bell.
Foto/Cover Photo: Mayara Rios.



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Sivie Sue Mori São Paulo, Brazil

Post Hardcore from São Paulo - Brazil.
South America.

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Track Name: Juliet
I can't remember the way we kissed
I can't remember the taste of your lips
I can't remember what you said
But for now I want your here to stay

And I hope you wait for
My peaceful end cause
My heart was broken and
Finally I found you

To fix it

Why you did this to me?
(Why you did?)
Why you did this to me?
(Why you did?)

A chapter that even started
Will end with burned pages
I am the doorway of
My dreams for freedom

What you want from me?
(What you want?)
What you want from me?
(What you want?)

Stay far away from me
To fix it
Track Name: Valkyria
Until the dawn our victory will raise
Full of anger and love
Against the ones that betray
The fall of us don't belong to us
Even though we fought
To their lives were in our hands

Forget the past
The heroes, the demons
That plaguing your mind
And disturb your sleep

Fight for survival
Fight for survival

You need your friends
We don't want a fucking martyr
Every step that you fall
We'll raise you back

I hope my brothers and sisters
Help me with the invasion
Cause this fields is ours
And the fate of our children

Knocking down their courage
Knocking down their prays
Destroy the castle of liars
Build the house of brave

Let's do it together
The army of the honor
The army of the friendship
The conquer guar

The fate of the innocence
The rainbow in the landscape
The fate of love
Is on our hands.
Track Name: Marie
Every step you gave in my direction
Grew in my heart a love like infection
And as we drove away
You healed all the scars that I hate

You burn my veins
Put my brains on fire
Owned my day
Became my desire

Easily nights goes by
Like cigarettes, like cigarettes
The clouds crying the way I
Can't forget

I was starving
Laying tired all alone
Living and breathing
Without a purpose

Everytime god close his eyes
And we saw nothing
But we called it night

Throwing stones at the sea
Watching it die, watching it die
Till you came here
And rearrange my life.
Track Name: Louise
I dreamt and I'm back
Upon this house between
Cotton and sounds
Wishing the end of this now
Wishing the end of this now
I wish, I wish

I woke and I spoke
With walls that listen more
Than faces and bitches
Replace the place of our hate
Replace the place of our hate
These walls replaces
Thess walls replaces

I walk
And fall more
Growing, floating, touching
Things that I broke
You can't understand
My feelings cause
You forget yourself.
Track Name: An Idea Rising...
The gray and rainy clouds started to cry
Left me thinking alone and you know the reason why
A tear running slowly against my eye
Gently calms down me falling apart

Sheets on the floor, the handwriting is mine
Oh my God, on a paper a wrote my last sigh
The wild night rising with the cold weather
The sun laying tired like a sweet drama
(Oh my God)

Thousands of lonely souls roam among us
(Thousands of lonely souls roam, of lonely souls, us)
Shine bright misery like a diamond
(Shine bright this misery in front of our eyes)
Thoughts are the human-being's gold
(Thoughts are your gold)
When you realize, it's time to go
(Realize it and go)

I've been worse but now I'm feeling better
Of course someday we wake but now it doesn't matter
It's a pleasure to be alone
All of my songs are sighs.