Drafts Misreads

by Sivie Sue Mori

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Sivie Sue Mori
Drafts Misreads

A metaphorical production about state of mind and mental disorders.
Uma produção metafórica sobre estado de espírito e desordens mentais.


released March 28, 2015

Composed by Mario Camino, Jimi Arrj, André Felipe, Gabriel Tadeu.
Recordings: Mario Camino & Jimi Arrj at Black Seagull Records
Norton Bell at Nimbus Studios
Chico Leibholz at Casa do Mancha.
Mix and Master: Music Dealer Studios - Thiago Foo.
Painting and Photos: Adriana Moraes
Physical CD and Distribution: Black Seagull Records
Label: Black Seagull Records, São Paulo, Brazil.
Proudly, an independent product.



all rights reserved


Sivie Sue Mori São Paulo, Brazil

Post Hardcore from São Paulo - Brazil.
South America.

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Track Name: ...While We Fall...
Even if this bridge fall down
I'll keep with the gun in my hand
And killing this feeling that makes me pain
I will conquer her compassion

Send me an invitation to peace
The party of souls
Burning underground
Build your fortress and no one ever will be able to knock you down

Destroy the panic
That chaos so many times tried to dive you in
Misunderstandings that neither the triggers could dissipate
No leaders because even they realize that lead is a mistake

Track Name: ...And I Call It Story."
And if I die my friend
Realize my dreams or bury them with me
Before you understand
You'll see I'm too rare to live (You'll see I'm too rare to live)

And when I wake, and when I wake
I'll see you trying for me (I see you trying for...)

Or Dying for two
When I open my eyes, I'll see you in me (I'll see you in me)
And if I die my friend
We'll meet each other
Both free

Rise up myself it's time to
Rise up myself it's time …

And when I wake, I`ll see you trying for me
Or dying for two.
Track Name: Sanctuary
I hear the hail rain beating your window and roof
Seems that in your little wooden house nothing can scares you
You're so cold and then I keep an eye on your face
Can't say if you're waiting for a kiss or wishing me away
The welcome carpet on the room says
"Sanctuary of luck and happiness"

We weren't used to the good weather approaching
it's fake any reaction of a emotion
your sickness is my weakness, your fearless way to go to bed to sleep
what happened to you or maybe happened to me?

And I imagine us together rebuilding this house
Cleaning the floor and painting some walls
Changing the dishes, buying new clothes, watching the movie you like most
Hiding our body for the cold, cold wind touching lovely each other skin
But it's so hard to work hard on this plan
We already thought about it I won't it say it again

Your sadness is my sadness too
This black and white landscape as it used to be
As you, as me
When you fight against yourself it's impossible to win

I hate the smell of this cowardice
wake up, wake up!

Sometime I'd just like to act with this impulse of violence that lives in my heart and mind
I think that it could help us somehow
Track Name: Monastery
These days I've been thinking about the promises I ever heard
and those I already promised and how many I forgot to fulfill
Not that it was deliberate and I am really sorry for that, I really am.
But the time pass too fast and when we realize it, its always too late or does it not?
Maybe exists an answer for all these mistakes in a flow that runs right in front of us but we can't see it at all. Why? Why?
Maybe exists an axis that keeps things in perfect symmetry somewhere far away from my reach, but as I see, not far from yours and I, I am proud, somehow, so you can make your dreams become true, all of them.
Although I fear that comes a moment when you will feel the silence entering your ears and messing with your head in a so dark place that will be no difference between open or close your eyes and the reality would appear faker then the normal but you will see that life isn't painful as well.
In case it happens someday, I will be there in the same place where we met, waiting for a phone call of something like that to redeem myself to you.
For those who live with the guilt.
We are the same.
But I have learned, alone, wondering with myself, if thats what life is about? Make of people their own target so them can hurt themselves.
Before its too late, before you forget me, before the silence please you but I want you to remember me this way, doing what I like to do, doing all of this because of you.
Track Name: Temples
I decide to leave with myself
Just I, climbing on star way to me
Dreaming about the way that I couldnt keep
With my head inside in what they expected me to be
They expect me to....

Sometimes I've got this feeling
Eating my mind with overthinking
There was a man in my way
And I realize he's me

I killed my selfish
There is no longer me
I left my knowledge behind me
I`m not scared to leave (anymore)

Track Name: Church
I gave up
I'm going further to let my future behind
I'm walking through the edge of the sky
But it's alright

If the street is home I can keep myself warm
If the problem is with me, I won't start a war
I know that you wanna help me
But the silence is my accomplish

I pretend to be deaf
I pretend to be blind
And what I left behind
I left behind

Where is the hideout?

And you'll see me alone
In the dark, in the shadows
In the abyss, between clouds
Against God.